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Every genuine child of God longs to know Him better.

If youíve never longed for Him, youíve never been born again of Him!!!

When you were born again of the Spirit of God, your human spirit, long dead in trespasses and sin, came spiritually alive with Godís own life.

The Spirit of God was from then on, and ever shall be, the life of your life.

Godís life in you seeks Godís life in God .  .  . Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

It can do no other.

As soon as you were born again, you began wanting to know more about Him, to obey His Word, to serve Him, and lead others to Him. But that wasnít enough. There was more. You spontaneously wanted to love and please Him, and fellowship intimately with Him.

But this produced what may be the most difficult problem faced by Godís children.

A little girlís complaint is often the complaint of many an older person, ďI wish someone would put skin on Godís face.Ē

Both new Christians, and those who have sought Him intimately for many years, find it frequently difficult to fellowship as closely with Him as they would like.

There is much you can do to help with this situation. Spend more time with Him. Repent of any known sin toward God or man. Read the Psalms, other worship passages of scripture, really spiritual books and other messages such as I provide. Sing devotional, worship, and praise hymns and songs.

Actively worship, praise, and give thanks to the Lord. Seek lovingly to repeat to Him the worship words and names that describe Him and His character.

Ask me for my pamphlet message, Worship Prayer, and my tape, Psalms for Worship. They may give you considerable help in your worship. Refer to the Love Letter when making this request.

Seek to release your cares into His care and to rest and rejoice in Him and His peace. Humbly admit your great need of Him in everything.

Get up, and walk and talk with Him.

But, sometimes, do what you will, you may feel like you just canít ďget through.Ē

And, if this continues for a long time, you may give up seeking and worshiping the Lord. You may feel like thereís just no use.

God forbid!

But, hereís where you have to change directions entirely.

Recognize that your feelings may not be reflecting the facts. So, give no credence to your feelings. God is no further away from you when good feelings forsake you than when your feelings of Godís presence are most pleasing. His life is still your life. And you canít get any closer than that.


Thou art oft most present, Lord!

In weak distracted prayer;

A sinner out of heart with self

Most often finds Thee there.


For prayer that humbles sets the soul

From all illusions free.

And teaches it how utterly,

Dear Lord! It hangs on Thee.

                 -Frederick W. Faber


God always knows what He is doing or allowing. It is always best. We can trust Him most when our feelings say we canít trust Him at all, when the hurt, or the fear, is just too great.

Read this little message and Philippians chapters 3 and 4 every day for a week, or better even, for a month. See what God will do for you, your killer feelings, and your walk with the Lord.

Thereís more here than you know!

                                                               -- The Beginning  


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Now . . .which will it be for you ??? 


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