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This new site will allow us to more quickly and easily add new content, make updates and serve you better.

Our new web site address is...

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Dear One in Christ Jesus:

This love letter is designed so you can print it, frame it & hang it as a constant encouragement to receive and return His love more and more.

May God use it to draw you evermore to Him in love. If I can help you, phone me at 716-284-7625.


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What a fantastic tool God has put in our hands at what seems so obviously to be the end of the age.

Itís the easiest (type it in once and click), the fastest (immediate!!), and the cheapest (absolutely free!) means of mass communication ever devised.

What a way to reach the world for Christ, eternal salvation, and the Holy Spiritís limitless power!

I trust youíll be greatly encouraged in the Lord by my E- Mail LoveLetters and want others to be blessed and helped too.

 Iím counting on you to send this and each LoveLetter to everyone in your address book who is likeminded . . . or who may be persuaded by it and the work of the Holy Spirit to become likeminded.

You may want to send us e-mail addresses to add to our address book. In these ways you can be used of God to multiply the ministry around the world and draw people to the Lord.

If you would like to send this LoveLetter to your friends, click the button below. This will bring up your e-mail program. Then select their names from your address book or type their e-mail addresses in the "TO:" field of your e-mail.


If you would, at the same time, like to send us those selected addresses so we can send them future LoveLetters, simply put in the "CC:" field of your e-mail.

Then, when your e-mail program opens, simply click on "Send" and we'll make sure you are sent future LoveLetters.

To correspond directly with me click here:

To contact us for information on obtaining Transformed Living Messages in the form of books, audio tapes, and pamphlets for Christians and non-Christians, and for related inquiries, please click here:

Lovingly in Christ Jesus, our Lord and soon coming King,

Pastor Marr

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