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Hudson Taylor was the famed founder of the great China Inland Mission, now the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.  After years of self-sacrificing service, he wrote, “I felt the ingratitude, the danger, the sin of not living nearer to God.  The consciousness of sin oppressed me.”

My heart aches for many sincere children of God who suffer because they feel they don’t please God as He expects . . . or even live up to their own expectations.

They suffer because they feel like they don’t love the Lord enough . . . they don’t seek Him enough . . . worship Him enough . . . serve Him enough . . . witness enough. . . . They fail Him too often. They continue to sin even where they know better. They go back to Him over and over again confessing the same sin and feeling more and more guilty.

Some continue trying to do better, hoping against hope for a breakthrough somewhere, somehow.

Some simply give up.  They feel there’s nothing they can do about it, they’re condemned to live in failure the rest of their lives.

Neither see their real problem, that they’re living by law and works, instead of by grace and faith.

Most have never been taught that, no matter their failure, they’re “accepted in the beloved.”  The fact is, our good behavior can never be enough to make us acceptable to God. We can never be good enough.  We can only be acceptable in God’s eyes because of our place in Christ. There it’s our glorious privilege to live always “accepted in the beloved” in spite of our imperfections.

Yes, we can live in our place in Christ, comfortably at home in His perfect righteousness. That perfect righteousness was imputed to us, placed to our account, when we first came to Him for forgiveness and salvation from our sin. And it has been ours ever since.

We can live content, not with our sins and imperfections, but with our place in Him and in the quiet assurance “ . . . that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”  (Philippians 1:6)

While He’s slowly but certainly doing this good work in us, we can rest content in our place in Him.  There we can be satisfied with His righteousness, first placed to our account, then slowly but certainly worked in our spirits and out in our daily lives.

There we can rest quietly at ease in Him, while we seek Him, worship Him, and wait quietly for Him to be more our all day by day.

Hudson Taylor found the secret in “resting on the faithful one.”  So may you.  So may I.  The only alternative is to depend on our own self-righteous works and live in constant disappointment and pain.

Praise God this is no longer necessary.

What joy!  What freedom!  What peace!  What release & rest!

Incredible as it may seem, in our place in Him, His perfect righteousness is always ours, and in it we may always rest . . . if we will.

                                                                                                              --The Beginning

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